miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2006

Muñecas rotas I

Tara Reid no es muy popular por aqui porque lo único que sé de ella es que tuvo un problema gordo, sin ironía eh?, con sus prótesis de silicona. Pero la ilustración es tan bonita. Y estas historias de chicas dispuestas a arriesgarlo todo por el éxito y que empiezan a pagar las consecuencias de sus excesos son tan edificantes. ¡Estudiad niños!

Como siempre os dejo el texto original:
Tara Reid is once again attempting to distance herself from her boozy party girl image, but I've always thought she should own it. Embrace it. Exploit it! In a recent OK! Weekly interview, Tara tried to downplay her association with booze 'n boobs by referring to all the media attention surrounding it as "cartoonish". BRILLIANT! I dropped the magazine, grabbed my sketch book and immediately began crafting a Tara Reid character along with several storyboards. I've named my animation studio Floozy Toons, named the cartoon Drunken Party Girl, and have even written a few short episodes designed as interstitials. I'll secure a team of animators, find a network willing to run it, and will eventually hire writers and producers to develop a full-length animated sitcom. Tara, have your people contact my people. Medium: gouache on board, digital color.

Oh and speaking of boobs, Gallery of the Absurd was mentioned in the November issue of Maxim. We were also featured in the latest edition of Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. Thank you!

Fuente: Gallery of the Absurd

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