viernes, 27 de abril de 2007

Rain Bi en los 43rd Annual "PaekSang Arts Awards"

Una alma caritativa de Youtube y fan de Rain, evidentemente, lo ha traducido para los que no hablamos coreano!

43rd Baeksang Arts Awards
(5 video clips of movies for the 5 male actor nominations for New Actor Award)

LJK: Yes, so now you've met the 5 candidates. Jung Yu Ri, would you like to announce the winner.
JYR: Yes. The 43rd Baeksang Arts Award, film category, New Male Actor Award goes to...Jung Ji Hoon!
**screams, claps, applause, celebration, everyone is so happy..keke
(Jihoon gets up from seat, hugs Park Chan Wook. starts walking up to stage)

LJK: Congratulations.
JYR: In the movie 'Cyborg, but its okay' Jung Ji Hoon plays the role of the character 'Ilsun' who believes that he is able to steal other people's abilities and make them into his own. Even though it is very unlike his charismatic image he shows as a singer, he has seamlessly shown a very realistic act and has received the assessment that he has expanded his spectrum as an actor. Congratulations.
LJK: Congratulations.

(JYR hands over the award and LJK hands over the flowers)
**more screaming & celebration :D
LJK: We'll hear what the winner has to say.
(Jihoon stands at mike)
**Ji Hoon oppa! Ji Hoon oppa! hehe

JJH/Rain: (really nervously) Thank you. Oh, I'm so nervous. First, there are many people who helped, both financially and mentally to make this movie. Oh, they say I can stand. (straightens up for a second, then has to crouch down again to talk) First, I would like to say thanks to Heng Seng Hyun, and Jung Woo Gi, and Jin Youngi hyung, oh and Jo So Won, Choi En Hyung, Ju No hyung, thank you so much.

I've always wanted to make a movie. A movie was my dream. For helping me fulfil this dream, Director Park Chan Wook, it was such an honour. And Lim Soo Jung, thank you, for helping me create this wonderful memory and experience. Thank you.

**screams, applause, etc
(starts walking off stage)
LJK: Thank you. Now he has received awards for both singing and acting.
(walks off stage)

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