martes, 24 de abril de 2007

Primer vistazo a The Warlords

Me dicen que disfrutemos esto antes de que lo quiten. Se lee perfectamente For internal use durante todo el vídeo. Parece que es un caso de "robo".

John Chong, the chairman of Media Asia, is furious and promises to investigate the leak. Director Peter Ho-Sun Chan is most worried that the half-hour highlight reel will also be leaked to the web, causing negative impact on the film.

Regarding the footage of "The Warlords" being on Youtube, Media Asia chairman John Chong says that it's a very serious case of robbery. This footage is supposed to be released in the beginning of May, and it's being shown without the permission of the studio. He'll have experts investigate to the end.

Todo apunta a peli épica. Con la música y los extras y Takeshi lleno de sangre levantando una cabeza cortada. Estoy llorando.....

Fuente: The Golden Rock

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