miércoles, 24 de enero de 2007

Ang Lee in love with Tony, BC in love with Lee Hom Wang

Más fotos de Lust Caution. Presentación ante la prensa en Shanghai y declaraciones de Ang Lee sobre Tony tan admirables como:

"I know Tony is a genius actor long time ago, and he is getting better and better. He is a dream actor for directors. How you think a dream actor should be like, and he is exactly like that.

Not only his acting is excellent, he is very considerate and very helpful. He encouraged and supported me when I was down. I have nothing to say on him, he is much much better than I thought.

I regret that we met so late. In fact, I know him long time ago, but fate only let us work together now. Actually I have broken my rule - Tony does not look like the character in the story, he is not the evil type, and this character is not his usual type. But I really want to work with him, it's already too late, and I don't want to delay any further. Hence, I am determined to have him to take up the role."

Pero por una vez ampliamos plano y metemos un nuevo A-List: Lee Hom Wang!

Fuente: Tony Leung.org

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