martes, 5 de junio de 2007

¿5 minutos de fama? No gracias, prefiero, 24 horas, siete días a la semana

Galley of the absurd interpretando la historia del arte y la cultura popular. Tres propuestas de lo que Andy Warhol hubiera hecho con las peculiares protagonistas de la vida social americana.

Texto íntegro de la autora en su blog:

American artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol's enthrallment with celebrities inspired him to create a series of mass-produced silk screen portraits which aside from the soup can, would later become his most recognized work. According to art critic Robert Hughes, Warhol's colorful and repetitive celebrity portraits "speak eloquently about the condition of image overload in a media saturated culture." Image overload, such an appropriate choice of words. What would Andy Warhol think of today's oversaturated celebrities? Which photos would he choose to create his portraits? The photo of Lindsay Lohan passed out with her mouth agape after yet another night of boozing was seen all over the internet and tabloids. It even landed on the cover of People along with the headline, "From adorable child star to out-of-control party girl arrested for DUI." After Britney Spears shaved her head and went nuts, she was photographed close up, wild-eyed and snarling at the paparazzi stalking her. The photo is sure to become one of the more iconic images ever taken of her. Oh, and speaking of image overload, let's not forget Paris Hilton. I think if Andy were alive today, he'd choose to paint Paris Hilton's ass instead of her face. I'm sure Andy would have done Nicole Richie, but artist Damien Hirst beat him to it.

Fuente: Gallery of the Absurd

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