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Todo el mundo tiene un Hermés!

Como la descripción de la escena no puede ser más detallada. Les dejo la crónica. Lo que me pregunto después de leerla es ¿cuántas actrices pagan de verdad sus Birkins? Porque no pienso ahorrar para comprarme un bolso que le regalan a todo el mundo. No señor. Paso de modelos vulgarizados por la gente de la farándula.

Immediately after the Lantern Festival, Zhao Wei and Chen Kun began working as the two appeared on the press conference for the filming of the upcoming movie [Mulan]. As the event concluded, many media reporters discovered that Chen Kun was given a ride in Zhao Wei's vehicle as the two left the venue together. Thus, the media followed the vehicle closely to see if the two would have any follow-up activities. Surprisingly, after going in rounds and turns, the car parked outside of Chen Kun's apartment located in Dongerhuan.

  A small get-together between old buddies: Diva Faye Wong appeared unexpectedly

Chen Kun who had came out of the car first was gentleman enough to open the car door for Zhao Wei, and the two walked toward the gate of the residential community. However, the two were not in a hurry to go in as they approached the gate. Instead, they started chatting by the sidewalk. When the conversation got lively, Zhao Wei even took out an pair of glasses from her red Hermes Birkin bag to analyze with Chen Kun...Later, the two made calls on their cellphones as they looked into the direction of the oncoming traffic.

Before long, a black multivan parked on the side of the road. Zhao Wei and Chen Kun approached the vehicle and exchanged a warm conversation with the man that came down from the driver's seat. Then, a tall and slender woman in long down coat came down from the back seat, and greeted the two in a familiar fashion...after careful identification, this woman without makeup was actually Diva Faye Wong!

The group of four walked toward the residential area while having a little chat. Zhao Wei led the way while speaking cheerfully on her cell. As for Chen Kun, he chatted with Faye Wong along the way. When arriving close to the apartment building, Chen Kun pointed towards the appartment complex as if he was presenting something to Faye Wong. Seeing that Diva Faye Wong is accompanying Zhao Wei to visit Chen Kun's home, members the media who had been following the stars were quite excited as they came down their vehicles and jogged behind the stars while clicking away on their cameras.

The group of four hurried their steps towards the apartment building as soon as they saw the cameras, and Chen Kun took out his key card in preparation to open the door. Consequently, a number of photographers ignored the interference from residential area's security guards, and chased the four people all the way to the door of the apartment complex...Faye Wong seemed quite composed facing the media wild chase as she covered her face with one hand, and concentrated on playing on her cellphone face down. As for Zhao Wei, it was a change from her usual emotionless face as she engaged in a light conversation with Faye Wong while proceeding into the building with the latter arm in arm. Before entering the door, Zhao Wei who was in a good mood did not forget to humorously complement the media personnels who were hard at work.

It was only until the main door was closed that the surrounding media photographers finally put down the cameras and returned to their vehicles.

That day, Zhao Wei looked quite charming in a short black jacket and metallic earrings. The defining piece of her wardrobe was the RMB$200,000 Hermes red crocodile Birkin bag that she carried. Coincidentally, though the late arrival Faye Wong was in simple attire, she also carried a Hermes black shoulder Birkin worth RMB$70,000.

According to reports, apart from these two, other members of the diva sisters circle including Carina Lau and Na Ying are also loyal supporters of Hermes. Faye Wong alone owns over a dozen Hermes Birkin bags in various materials and colors. Not only does it take 3 month for one Birkin bag to be completely handmade by the artisan, each bag also has to be reserved months in advance. The Birkin bag is undoubtedly one of the favorite accessories of celebrities and ladies around the globe.

Translated by: Vicki Yan/神仙妹妹/龍小水 (Canada)

Fuente: Zhao Wei Net Family

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