viernes, 20 de octubre de 2006

And i looked like a younger version of you, Clint

Para contrarrestar nuestro post femenino, vamos a ir avanzando líneas de estilo para este invierno, para que vayáis pensando que compraros. Hugh en abrigo.

Y atención a parte de la entrevista: Clint le ha bendecido!

Wood writes that Jackman still finds his own celebrity novel enough,
and weird enough, to be able to laugh at it. At a ShoWest convention in Las
Vegas several years ago, Jackman found himself about to walk on stage with
Clint Eastwood. He turned and said: "Hi Clint, I'm Hugh Jackman, nice to
meet you. Listen, I did a movie called X-Men, I don't know if you've seen
it, but many people after seeing that film thought I looked like a younger
version of you." Jackman says now, "I didn't plan to say any of that. It
just came out. And Clint just looked at me and said: 'You're holding up the
line, kid.'"
Fuente: Jackman´s Landing

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