martes, 5 de diciembre de 2006

Las tres desgracias

Como siempre una de las miradas más lúcidas e inteligentes y una de las manos con más talento del extraño mundo del gossip en internet: Gallery of the Absurd

El texto íntegro representa a la perfección nuestra línea editorial.

La Primavera is one of Sandro Botticelli's best known paintings. The angelic figures shown in this ethereal work of art all represent mythological characters. While viewing this painting at the Uffizi, my eyes were drawn to the fluid movement and delicate beauty of the Three Graces. According to Greek mythology, the Three Graces represent beauty, charm and joy. Contemporary mythological characters such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are the antithesis of grace. This makes them the Three Disgraces. They represent sleaze, trash, and desperate cry for attention. What makes these women think we want to see high resolution photos of their bald, flabby, and in Britney's case, Kevin Federline-infected genitalia? If they want to show off their crotch, why don't they just go ahead and pose for Playboy? Their girlie bits would be thankfully photo retouched to oblivion and our precious eyeballs would be spared the harsh detail of pimples, stubble, cesarean scar and general ickiness sullying their private parts. Medium: Acrylic on board.

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  1. cuando lo ví me pareció genial, estaba deseando que lo postearas, jeje

  2. jijii! pues tengo guardada la de la boda tomy kate que merece un post pero ya!!!