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Takeshi es el Demonio con 20 caras

Primer vistazo, de frente, porque todo lo que nos han enseñado hasta ahora era a Takeshi de espaldas (ya subiremos la serie completa), de la nueva película japonesa de nuestro adorado Kaneshiro. Como es japonesa tenemos asegurada promoción por todo lo alto y artículos en esas revistas de tendencias tan chulas y bien maquetadas que haces ellos.

First Look At Takeshi Kaneshiro....... In K-20!

First Look At Takeshi Kaneshiro As The Fiend With Twenty Faces (Sort Of) In K-20!
Posted by Todd Brown at 10:46am.
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One of the most popular characters in all of Japanese writing the Fiend With Twenty Faces is coming to the big screen in a big way with K-20, an upcoming feature film due for release in late 2008. International star Takeshi Kaneshiro takes the lead role in the big budget film from writer-director Shimako Sato while Always director Takashi Yamazaki takes special effects duties.

Set in an alternate world where ninety percent of Japan’s wealth is controlled by a small sliver of the aristocracy, the Fiend is a sort of Robin Hood figure who steals from the rich. Kaneshiro plays a circus acrobat falsely set up as the Fiend who must escape from jail and track down the real thief to clear his name with the help of a beautiful police detective who is being targeted by the real thief.

The idea of Yamazaki helping to create a sort of retro-future Tokyo is more than a little bit exciting - anyone who has seen his incredible work in Always will tell you why - and I’m always a fan of Kaneshiro in these sorts of roles. Yes, please.

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